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Three Application Strategy For International Students to be admitted in US medical schools

Get Admitted in US Medical Schools: Three Application Strategy For International Student.

Medical Doctors are one of the most admired professionals, Most science students desire to study medicine because of the high prestige attached to it and the mouth watery salary that Doctors earn. The demand for Doctors all over the world is on the increase which makes it more competitive especially in the US medical schools.
Gaining admission in a good medical school is the first step to your success story. The best medical schools can be found in the US  which attracts application from around the world. The recent annual ranking of top medical schools  in the world has 6 medical school in the US ontop.
It has not been easy for international students to be admitted in the US medical schools due to the high competition in application and the high cost of tuition fees which can be as high as $100,000 per year. My Scholarship Portal has carefully put together 3 most important application tips that can enable International students gain admission in the US medical schools.
Nevertheless, to achieve your dream of being a medical student in the US best Medical schools, the tips below will go a long way to bring your dream to reality. Follow the strategies carefully and you will be glad you made it at last.

1. Make Proper Research

In this of Information technology, Information is now right in our door steps through the use of the internet. You have access to all your desired information whenever you need them without much struggle.
Gathering information about the medical schools in the US should be the first step. As you research endeavour to gather information about the following.

A. Decide where you want to complete your undergraduate work as US medical schools would not admit you direct from high school.
B. Find out all the information relating to finance for your chosen school, including the availability of financial aid for foreign students. The fact is, some schools require you to deposit up to four years of tuition in an escrow account before granting you admission.
The alternative is you have to show proof you have assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Even if the schools don’t specifically ask for that information, evidence of that much money may be necessary when applying for an F-1 student visa. This visa is a mandatory requirement for all foreign students,
The best place to get most of the required information is this website. It is a reputable public website with a comprehensive list of how different medical schools in the US define ‘international students‘ and the financial obligations and opportunities they should expect.

2.Try Getting Your Bsc From a US University

Most US medical schools do not admit students into their medical schools straight from high school. One must have a basic science degree first.
As an international student, you would do your chances a great favor if you decide to get a Bachelor of Science degree in the US. US medical schools prioritize a science degree in US colleges over science degrees from universities outside the country.
Another advantage of getting a BSc in the US is that it would aid you in making up your mind after a few years if you still want to study medicine in the US.

3.MD/Ph.D. programs are a good route to medical school

Getting your Ph.D. in a medically-related science course is another option of getting into medical school for international students.
This is so because these programs are, most of the time, fully funded by the institutions or organizations interested in particular fields of medical research.
Students going through this route must have a very good track record in academic research and must show they are committed to pursuing a career as a doctor/scientist.
To get a list of institutions that offer this path to medical school in the US, the US National Institutes of Health  is your best bet.
So if you are determined to get into a medical school in the US, be sure to keep the above information in mind. One good thing though, there is no discrimination in admission standards for either international students or domestic students.
Finally, don’t forget to explore every scholarship options available. Some major institutions like banks have scholarship programs in place for foreign students studying medicine in the US. However, they might require an American citizen to vouch for you.

How to Apply
  • All US medical International Scholarships applications is only online
  • Use the application link provided on this website to start your application FREE of charge.
  • Start your application online here.
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